Verification of potential chassis damages

BdZS members stand for qualified expertise and assessment of motorcycles and other L-category vehicles. Adequate equipment for verification of accident related damages is therefore necessary requirement. Basically this equipment consists of tools and measuring apparatus for precise and reliable documentation of the state of the chassis and its basic elements. Verifying and documenting before starting any repair activities is the most essential requirement. The Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate and comparable documentations for other parts of the chassis such as the front fork etc. verifiably provide the condition of these elements. The benefits for the owner are obvious: He has proof of the correct state of the chassis which will be very valuable argument for any future sales negations. Controversial and time consuming discussions regarding the correctness or hidden damages of the chassis and its elements are not an issue any more.

These elements are safety relevant and should be tested:

  • Front fork
  • Wheels
  • Brake discs
  • Frame

Clear and easy to understand documentation of the results are self-evident. Typically our members use these tools:

  • Mega-m.a.x-System for verifying the state of the frame, the tail and the swing arm as well as other minor parts without dismantling works at the vehicle
  • for measuring front forks without dismantling
  • f.i.x-System for measuring scooters and other PTVs without dismantling

Download the resulting certificates here:



Mega-m.a.x determines the geometrical status of the motorcycle frame and chassis independently from potential damage of the front fork. Usually no dismantling is necessary. Measurements of all relevant components are possible, such as: main frame, rear frame, swing arm, brackets for fairings, etc.

to determine potential damages to the front fork


for measuring scooters and other PTVs without dismantling