An accident represents a very unpleasant event.

An insurance approved and legally safe assessment is essential for a fast and watertight claim settlement.



Precise and unprejudiced

In order to achieve your legal rights and damage compensation, the best possible expert support is essential. With our impartial expert knowledge we collect all details you would need for your claim settlement. A qualified expert in Germany you will find at the homepage at “BdZS Sachverständige”

Liability damage

The responsibility of the damage of your property lies not with you. Somebody else did damage your property. Legally this person must compensate for your loss. You decide whether you wish for a repair solution or monetary compensation. In both situations a qualitied an excepted expertise will be important for your claims. Please regard legal backgrounds might be different within different countries.

Comprehensive damage

In case you are responsible for the damage to your own goods and you have got a (partially) comprehensive insurance the details of your contract will be decisive.