Technical expertise

Technical appraisals
Technical appraisals are necessary in order to secure your potential claim. Causal connections between damage and malfunction must be understood and stated clearly. BdZS members provide detailed technical support in cases of dispute regarding the following matters:

  • Hidden damages found after owner transfer
  • Engine or gearbox damages
  • Damages caused by replacement, non-original parts or unprofessional manipulations of the original condition of the vehicle
  • Malfunction of other parts
  • Transport damages


Clear and easy to understand documentation of the results are self-evident. Typically our members use these tools:

  • Mega-m.a.x-System for verifying the state of the frame, the tail and the swing arm as well as other minor parts without dismantling works at the vehicle
  • for measuring front forks without dismantling
  • f.i.x-System for measuring scooters and other PTVs without dismantling

Also additional equipment such as endoscope, technical digital endoscope, as well as laser based measuring tools will determine potential damages correctly.