Our Goals

The primary goal of the BdZS is to sustainably establish a job profile of professional experts for single track vehicles, 3-wheelers, Quads, ATWs and other vehicles falling under L-category according to EU definition. This process includes a sound verifying procedure based on a degree in mechanical engineering, or a qualified education as automotive (especially motorcycle or single track) technician or mechanic, of potential members.

A committee of BsZS members is responsible for the verification process. The BdZS membership of a single track or car specialized expert guarantees a very high degree of knowledge in this field. This way the interest of the client, as well as the quality of the expertise is ensured in the best possible manner.

Member’s exchange of experience

The BdZS supports and services exchange of experience between its members. Regular meetings are accomplished in order to promote the exchange. We want to encourage you to participate in and share the know-how and experience of the union.

Image promotion of the BdZS

The BdZS is keen to promote the image of its members. The members profit from this promotion in many ways, sometimes directly sometimes indirectly. For example requests to manufacturers, technical advice from senior members or even direct inquiries will be published and forwarded in the form of internal information